League Cup Rules

Competition Rules - Season 2018 – 2019

1. The entire control and management of these Competitions shall be vested in the Management Committee of Dorset Youth Football League.

2. Each Cup shall be named appropriately, and shall not become the property of any one club.

U11   –   Dorset Youth League Cup

U11   –    Dorset Youth League Plate

U12   –   Dorset Youth League Cup

U13   –   Dorset Youth League Cup

U14   –   Dorset Youth League Cup

U15   –   Dorset Youth League Cup

U16   –   Dorset Youth League Cup – Mike Webber Cup

3. The Secretary of the League for the time being shall be, to all intents and purposes, the legal holder of the Cup in trust for the League.

4. The competitions for the cup shall be annual and open to all Clubs who are affiliated to the Dorset Youth Football League, subject to approval of the Management Committee.

5.    a) A player must be registered with the team for which he/she proposes to play at least seven (7) clear days previous to the Cup Tie (see also Rule 5e below)

b) A player shall not in the same Season play for more than one competing team at any age group. If a player transfers to a team, they are only eligible if the team they have transferred from has folded or did not play in the League Cup for the team he/she transferred from.

c) In case of replayed and postponed matches, only players shall be allowed to play who were eligible on the date of the original match.

d) No player shall be eligible to play in the Semi-Final or Final Tie unless he/she is a registered      player of his/her team at least seven (7) clear days before the original date set for the Semi-Final Ties.

e) Opposing teams in the Cup Tie shall exchange Team Sheets and Registration cards at least 15 minutes prior to the commencement of the match. The team sheet will be kept by the opposing team. A team sheet must also be given to the referee.

f) Each Team may use a maximum of five (5) substitutes in any of the Cup Competitions, providing that they do not substitute for player who have been dismissed from the field of play by the Referee. A maximum of five (5) substitutes shall be named to the Referee at least 15 minutes prior to kick off and shall be subject to the authority and jurisdiction of the Referee whether called upon to play or not. Unless a substitute actually plays, his/her Cup Eligibility will not be affected. A player who has been substituted himself/herself becomes a substitute and may replace another player at any time subject to the substitution being carried out in accordance with Law 3 of the Laws of the association football.

g) Any team found guilty of playing an ineligible player shall be removed from the Competition and will be charged as per the fine tariff.

h)   Under 16 – Under 16 years but over 14 years as at midnight 31 August

Under 15 – Under 15 years but over 13 years as at midnight 31 August

Under 14 – Under 14 years but over 12 years as at midnight 31 August

Under 13 – Under 13 years but over 11 years as at midnight 31 August

Under 12 – Under 12 years but over 10 years as at midnight 31 August

Under 11 – Under 11 years but over 9 years as at midnight 31 August

6. The ground shall be subject to the approval of the Management Committee.

The field of play must be clearly defined as in Law 1.

Artificial Football Turf pitches are allowed in these Competitions providing they meet the required performance standards and are listed on the FA’s Register of 3G (Third Generation) Football Turf pitches. To meet the criteria a Football Turf pitch must pass a test every three (3) years as defined in the FIFA Quality Concept for Football Turf.

The home team is responsible for advising their opponents and Match Referee of limitations or recommendations on the types of boot or stud that may be used on the surface when confirming the match details.

All other Competitions Facility criteria shall still apply to this Competition as does the pitch and goal size.

All line markings shall be in accordance with the Laws of Association Football.

The recommended pitch size for 9v9 football is 80×50 yards, goals being 16 or 21 feet x 7 feet for the Under 11 and Under 12s. All other age groups are 11×11.

7. The size of the ball and duration of the match shall be:

Under 16    –    Size 5 – 40 minutes each way

Under 15    –    Size 5 – 40 minutes each way

Under 14    –    Size 4 – 35 minutes each way

Under 13    –    Size 4 – 35 minutes each way

Under 12    –    Size 4 – 30 minutes each way

Under 11    –    Size 4 – 30 minutes each way

In the knockout stages if the match is level at full time, on event of a tie at the end of normal time, extra time will be 10 minutes each way, If after extra time the score is still level, the match shall be decided by kicks from the penalty mark in accordance with International Board decisions.

Both teams shall take up to five (5) kicks. If after both teams have taken five (5) kicks there is no clear winner, then the competition becomes “sudden death”

8. Teams shall provide their players with individually number shirts. In the event of two teams having the same or similar colours the visiting team shall make some distinctive change. No team shall wear colours that clash with the referee, who should wear black.

In the event of two teams playing upon a neutral ground the team drawn first shall have choice of colours.

The home team should notify the opponents of their colours at least seven (7) days before the match.

9.    a) Order of the Procedure. The names of the teams entered the Competitions shall be placed by the Management Committee in one or more lots and shall be drawn for each Group for the Group stages

b) Date of the Matches

The Management Committee shall fix dates for the Group Stages and the matches must be completed by March. The Management Committee shall fix dates for the Quarter Finals and Semi Finals. Final ties will take place in May.

c) A tie which is not played owing to an unfit ground as decided by the Official Referee, Local Authority or Club responsible for the ground will be replayed, but before the decision to call the game off, the team must check to see if the fixture can be reversed. If a pitch is available for the fixture to be reversed the game must be played. The original home club will then cover any pitch fees occurred by the opposition.

d) Final Venues will be arranged by the Dorset Youth Football League.

e) Choice of Ground

Unless otherwise mutually agreed, the team drawn first shall have home advantage.

f) Once the Group stages games have been played, if team are equal on points, head to head will be taken into account and if still equal, the cup committee will meet and draw the qualifier out of lots. This will apply to all age groups and the teams will be advised from Cup Committee who qualified.

10.  a) Any team refusing or failing to play a team which it has been drawn against, other than an unfit pitch (see rule 10c concerning reversing the fixture, including the team refusing to reverse the fixture) shall be adjudged to have lost the match and the points will be awarded to the opposition and shall be liable to a charge, as may be imposed by the Management Committee.

b) Scratching

Any team intending to scratch must give information of their intention to do so to the League Secretary and opposing team not less than seven (7) clear days before the date fixed for playing the tie and in default the Management Committee shall have the power to punish such offending team in the manner they think fit. Any team scratching shall be liable to such penalty as may be imposed by the Management Committee.

    (i) Any club wishing to resign from the competition must do at least 14 days before the AGM. Failure to do so will result in a charge (in accordance with the fines trafiff)

    (ii) The management committee shall have the discretion to deal with a team being unable to start or complete its fixtures for a playing season, including but not limited to, issuing a charge (in accordance with fines tariff)

11. All matches will kick off between 12pm – 2pm, in the event of any variations; permission must be given by the League Secretaries and mutually agreed. It is the duty of the home team to notify match officials, the visiting team of match particulars i.e. ground, colours and kick off time at least five (5) clear days before the match. Teams failing to notify the visiting team and/or match officials shall be charged.

12. Teams shall telephone, email or text the result of the ties to the League Secretary within three (3) hours of the completion of the match. The result sheet and opposing team sheet should then be sent to the League Secretary with three (3) days of the date on which the match was played. Teams failing to comply with this rule shall be charged.

13.   a) Unless a referee is appointed by Dorset Youth Football League, it is the responsibility of the home team to provide the referee. Each team must supply an Assistant Referee  and Assistant Referee flags.
Team Manager cannot referee or be an Assistant Referee. It is the home team responsibility to advise the referee if the game is cancelled, failure to comply with this rule shall be charged.

b) The referee (whether qualified and registered or not) shall report to the Secretary of the Dorset County Football Association all details of misconduct relating to:

i) Sending Off Offences

ii) Caution Offences

iii) Misconduct by players after the Match has ended

iv) Misconduct by Club Officials

v) Misconduct by Spectators

The official report forms are available from the County Office

14.  a) Protests which must disclose grounds of same, must be intimated to the Secretary of the opposing Club and lodged, in duplicate with the League Secretary within seven (7) days of the match being played accompanied by a deposit of £25, which may be forfeited at the discretion of the Management Committee should they consider the protest trivial or groundless

b) Any objections relative to the pitch, goal posts, flag posts or other facilities at the venue must be lodged with the Referee before the start of the game and cannot be withdrawn without consent of the Management Committee.

c) If the Management Committee shall subsequently discover that any Rule or spirit of the rule has, in their opinion been violated by mutual agreement or otherwise, by the two teams or otherwise, it shall be in the power of Management Committee to disqualify one or both from further competing in the ties, or to order the match or matches to be replayed and without any protest having been made by either or any team

15. Should any member of the Management Committee be an official or member of a Club or Team concerning which there is any protest, dispute or question, the said official or member shall not be eligible to sit on the Management Committee while the said protest, dispute or question is being considered.

16. When the winners of the Cup have been ascertained by match aforesaid, the Official of the League shall hand over the Cup to such winners on their subscribing a document to the following effect

“We AB the Secretary of the …………Club, and C.D, E.F and G.H members of and representing the said Club/Team, having been declared the winners of the Dorset Youth League Cup and the same having been delivered to us by the Official of the Dorset Youth Football League, do hereby, on behalf of the said Club/Team and individually and collectively engage to return the same to the Dorset Youth Football League for the time being on or before 1st March next, in like good order and condition, with the name of the said Club/Team duly engraved thereon, and undertake to take all reasonable precautions to ensure the safe keeping and condition of this trophy whilst in our Possession”

Any team failing to return the cup by 1st February, as provided by the above undertaking shall be liable to a charge.

17. In addition to the cup, sixteen (16) awards shall be presented to teams in the Final Tie, A team may make application to the Management Committee to purchase not more than four additional awards.

When a player taking part in the Final Tie is ordered to leave the field of play for misconduct the award to which he may be entitled shall be presented unless the misconduct is for Violent Conduct for an assault on a match official.

The officials officiating the Final Tie shall also be presented with an award.

18. It shall be the duty of the Home Team to provide match balls with the exception of the Final Ties, then they will be supplied by Dorset Youth Football League

19. In the case of any event arising not covered by these Rules, the Management Committee shall have full power to adjudicate and deal with same.

Any appeal against a decision made by the Management Committee must follow the guidelines set in Rule 16 of the Dorset Youth Football League Rules.




All players must be registered to the team of which they are competing for.