Transfer Process

Guide to the Transfers of Players between Clubs


Rule 8* Transfer process:


i.           A player may only transfer between 1st October and 31st January in any season, except by special permission of the Management Committee.


ii.         A player registered for any Club affiliated to any County Football Association shall not be allowed to be transferred in the Competition without first proving to the officials of the intended Club that the player has discharged all reasonable financial liabilities to the previous Club or Clubs for which the player last played.


iii.                  The Club, the player wishes to transfer to shall :-

(i)                  Give the Club secretary that the Player is currently registered with seven (7) days formal written ‘Notice of Approach’, copied to the Registration secretary.

(ii)                Upon receipt of the Club’s consent, request a Transfer Form from the Registration secretary.

(iii)                         Get the Transfer Form completed by the Current and New Club.

(iv)              Return the Transfer Form, current Registration card, new Registration card, transfer fee (as shown in the Financial Appendix) and return stamped addressed envelope to the Registration secretary.


iv.       On receipt of the correct transfer documentation is received by the Registration secretary the transfer process will be completed and the new registration card returned to the new club. This can take up to seven (7) days to complete and then return.


v.         If a Club fails to give written objection within seven days, the Registration secretary may, on behalf of the Management Committee initiate the transfer process. The player will be deemed eligible to play for the new Club after receipt of the new registration card.


vi.       In the event of an objection to a transfer the matter shall be referred to the Competition Management Committee for a decision.


vii.      A Club which is the subject of a complaint alleging failure to give notice in accordance with this Rule may be subject to a charge of misconduct.


viii.    Where a player has registered for a team that has withdrawn from the Competition and his Registration card returned to the registration secretary, he becomes free to sign for the new club, the transfer fee and process will be waived.


ix.        The approaching Club:

(a) may not approach the same Player a second time in the same season

(b) may only approach one (1) Player at a Club at any time

(c) may not approach another Player at the same Club within twenty-eight (28) days of an earlier notice of approach acknowledgement


x.         During the current season a maximum of two (2) Players may be approached in the manner described above.



xi.        A player who has played for a team in a higher Division six (6) times or more shall not in the season be eligible to play in a lower Division except by permission of the Management Committee.


xii.      During the current season a player who has played in the County Cup for a previous Club is not allowed to play for a Club, in the County Cup, that the player has transferred to.

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